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Dr. Eunice Brown, ND
Doctor of Integrated Medicine
1535 Newton Street, NE
Washington DC 20017

office (202) 832 2360

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                      (Herbal Health Care Services)

Education, Research, Counseling, Personalized Non-Toxic Therapies

The Most Advanced Total Wellness and Health Care Therapies That Are Moving
The Natural Health Care Into The 21st Century

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Our Philosophy:

"There are no incurable diseases, only people that think they are incurable"

Dr. John Christopher, ND
Naturopath, Iridologist
and Master Healer

The Natural Health and Wellness Center embraces traditional concepts of naturopathic medicine:
Creating wellness and preventing disease
Encouragement of the body's inherent healing abilities
Natural treatments for the whole person
Personal responsibility for one's own health
Education for a health promoting lifestyle
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