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Dr. Eunice Brown, ND
Doctor of Integrated Medicine
1535 Newton Street, NE
Washington DC 20017

office (202) 832 2360

email Dr.Brown


Integrative Health Practitioner
Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy/Clinical Nutritionist

Dr Eunice Brown, President and Founder of the Washington, DC- based, Natural Health and Wellness Center, has been involved in natural health care and research for over 25 years. She received her B.A degree from the National -Louis University located in Evanston, Illinois with a major in Business Management and a minor in Applied Behavioral Science, And A A Degrees in Business and Personnel Administration. She also attended the University of District of Columbia and Southeastern University doing clinical research.

Dr. Brown received her natural health education from the Clayton College of Natural Healing, The Institute of Natural Therapies, ABC School of Health, International Institute of Reflexology, Advanced Holistic and Intregrative Medicine Clinic, Bio-Chemistry and Biological Research Learning Centers.
Her Goal is to serve her community with love and knowledge by providing the best natural health care to those in need of new choices for a better life.

She is a certified Intergrative Health Practitioner, Board Certified Naturopath. She has memberships to many different health organizations in the Washington DC Area.
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