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Gene SNP DNA Screening Analysis

Your health and lifestyle considerations can actually be addressed by examining your own unique individual genetic makeup. Modern genetic science research can now provide an individual with a customized nutritional program and lifestyle recommendations based on refined genetic profiling through DNA analysis.

Your journey of self-discovery begins with an analysis of this genetic code from a
DNA sample you provide through a simple swab of your cheek that can be conducted either in your home or place of business along with select information you submit in a questionnaire. The Gene SNP DNA Screening Analysis can provide you with valuable information on the relationship between your own unique genetic profile and potential health challenges that could be effectively met through advanced nutritional supplementation. It is affordable and the results will remain accurate for your entire lifetime because your genes do not change.

The Science of You
Amazingly, this is an era in which your individual diet, lifestyle and environment information is sophisticatedly merged with your genetic background to provide exclusive nutritional regimens that are designed specifically for you.

At the forefront of consumer genomics, Sciona possesses years of in-depth experience as the scientific engine that is driving this fascinating and ever evolving field of study.

The latest advances in research have made it possible to create an effective diet and lifestyle plan based on a scientific analysis of your unique genetic profile. With professional genetic screening offered by Sciona, you can make your most important health decisions based not on fashion, but on your personal inside story.

How does it Work?
Our service makes it possible to identify gene variations that affect the way your body uses certain nutrients. These gene variations are common and their presence is not a reason for concern. However, once you know which variations you have, you can optimize your well-being by making the healthiest diet and lifestyle choices.

Our test panels comes with a lifestyle questionnaire. By answering some basic questions, you help our team of experts determine whether your eating habits are compatible with healthy living, in light of your genetic makeup.*

*Gene SNP is not a genetic test for disease or pre-disposition to disease, nor does it determine a medical condition. The information that will be provided is not a diagnosis of a medical condition. Individuals with specific concerns about their health status or genetic testing should consult their doctor or genetics professionals.

The Process

Analyzing your genes does not involve a blood test or any other painful or invasive procedure. It starts with a DNA sample, which you collect at home by rubbing the inside of your cheek with the set of swabs included in our test panel (please read the instructions carefully to make sure you collect the sample correctly). You then mail us the sample, together with a completed questionnaire about your daily eating and lifestyle habits.

Please note: your DNA sample and the genetic information it reveals are kept strictly confidential.

Please note: your DNA sample and the genetic information it reveals are kept strictly confidential.

Two to three weeks after we receive the questionnaire and the DNA sample, you will get a personal report that evaluates your current lifestyle according to the results of the DNA analysis. Our recommendations offer practical, effective and proven ways to improve your short- and long-term health, help prevent illness, and above all help you feel better.

Your report will contain:

Your genetic profile
A beneficial dietary supplement formula based on your genetic makeup*
Personal diet and lifestyle advice
Information on genes, nutrition and health
A guide to vitamins and minerals
A resource directory
Answers to frequently asked questions
Definitions of key terms

The advice you will get from us is based on your body's real needs, not on the latest dietary fad. In addition to alerting you to diet and lifestyle factors to which you should pay particular attention, we provide you with a personalized suggestion for a nutraceutical that will enhance your health and well-being.

*The Dietary Supplement Formulas have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Tests Available

Our DNA screening test provides you with concrete information about the following seven areas in which the link between gene variations and lifestyle has been scientifically established.

Within this one test is information on:

Comprehensive Panel
The comprehensive panel addresses all the major area of nutritional & genetic to provide a complete analysis from all five panels.

Heart Health Panel
Heart health depends on a balance of environmental, dietary and genetic factors. The genes we screen for affect a variety of factors linked with heart health, including the metabolism of cholesterol, antioxidant activity and the levels of homocysteine in blood.

We offer simple dietary advice on optimizing heart health. For example, people whose genes may be associated with altered cholesterol metabolism will receive guidelines on keeping their cholesterol levels within the normal range.

Some people have genetic variations that have an impact on the way their bodies use B vitamins, an important factor in heart health and cell growth. These people will be advised to increase their intake of certain B vitamins and to take appropriate supplements when required.

Bone Health Panel
Certain genetic factors may create a requirement for particular foods or added supplementations that provide our bones and joints with the nutrients they need to stay strong. We also offer lifestyle advice for strengthening the bones and preventing fractures.

Antioxidation/Detoxification Panel
Genes produce enzymes that help our bodies remove harmful toxins. If appropriate, we recommend specific foods that give the body's "cleansing" systems a healthy boost. Our bodies also produce their own antioxidants, which are encoded by our genes. These antioxidants affect how well our bodies neutralize free radicals which are destructive molecules involved in aging and a variety of diseases. An extra supply of antioxidants through diet or supplementation may be recommended.

Inflammation Panel
Some gene variations produce altered proteins that may hinder inflammatory processes from running smoothly. We can recommend certain foods that have been shown to have a beneficial effect, including the fats known as omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Insulin Sensitivity
Your DNA Holds the Key to Optimizing Your Health. The GENE SNP DNA Screening Analysis just got better! Nutragenetics is gaining momentum. In response to your requests, we have redesigned the GENE SNP DNA Screening Analysis! There are five new individual health areas, five new screening analysis reports and five new confidential reports. Now you can focus on one certain health area, just a few, or include all five in the comprehensive panel. PLUS, we have redesigned the reports to make them user friendly and more easily understood. There are also new graphics and newly updated information in the report. Order individual panels OR order one comprehensive panel that will analyze all five for you.

Variations in certain genes may lead to reduced sensitivity to insulin. We can recommend dietary and lifestyle changes that may help support healthy insulin sensitivity.
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